The National Center for Mental Health, as the leader in providing mental health services in the country, is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. TUV Rheinland (TUVR) awarded the NCMH with the certification after a 2-day Transition Audit on November 23-24, 2017.

ISO 9001:2015 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system for organizations. An organization that is ISO 9001:2015 certified has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet requirements from its customers and regulators.

Headed by its Lead Auditor, Mr. Eric Santos, TUVR checked the center’s implementation of its quality management system and its conformance to the new version of the standard. All five major services including the top management were audited and were able to provide the documents and information that were required for ISO certification.

NCMH passed the quality audit with flying colors with zero non-conformity which means that the Center adheres and conforms to the international standards for all of its processes.

NCMH started its transition to ISO 9001:2015 from the previous ISO 9001:2008 standard in November 2016 through a Transition and Awareness Training. This was followed by a series of ISO related trainings and workshops to prepare the center and its personnel in the implementation of its quality management system aligned to the new version of the standard.

The Quality Management Team, who is the center’s front-runner in the implementation of its QMS, facilitated all ISO related activities including preparation of documents and checked the preparedness of all areas by conducting an Internal Quality Audit. Now that the center has achieved its goal to be ISO certified, the Quality Management Team will continue to monitor the implementation of the QMS and will be the leader in providing quality services. As stated in our Quality Policy, NCMH will continue to CARE, to EMPOWER and to EXCEL to all the clients we serve.

1st Internal Quality Audit

gallery events 2017 iso 001In line with the centers’ preparation towards transition to ISO 9001:2015, a series of Internal Quality Audit was conducted to check its conformance with the new standard. The first IQA CY 2017 for Wards and Pavilions took place last April 18, 19 & 20; while Sections and Offices were audited on May 16, 17 & 18, 2017. It was the first internal audit using the new standards, which focuses on the risk management with all the processes of the center.

Present during the Opening and Closing Meetings are members of the EXECOM headed by Dr. Bernardino A. Vicente and the center’s Quality Management Representative Dr. Venus Serra-Arain, chief of different sections, head of pavilions, ISO point persons, members of the Quality Management Team and other process owners.

Conduct of Internal Quality Audit is done bi-annually as the primary tool to check the sustainability, adequacy and effectiveness of the center’s implemented Quality Management System. Second round of IQA will be conducted on August and September as a preparation for the transition audit tentatively scheduled on first week of October.

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gallery events 2017 iso 002As NCMH continues its journey towards transition to ISO 9001:2015, a Comprehensive Internal Quality Audit Training for ISO 9001:2015 was conducted last January 31 to February 3, 2017 at the Pag-asa Hall. The 3-day lecture and workshop and 1-day live audit was facilitated by Infoadvance attended by the centers current qualified internal auditors and new members of the IQA Team from all major services. A total of 47 personnel completed the training who are now part of NCMH Internal Quality Audit Team tasked to check the center’s conformity to the ISO Standards and other regulatory requirements.

The first 3 days of the training was a series of lectures and workshops to prepare all the participants in conducting proper internal audits. During the last day of the training, a live mock audit was conducted to chosen areas of the center for the participants especially the newly ones to experience conducting actual audits. The centers’ Quality Management Representative and other members of the EXECOM were also present during the Opening and Closing Meeting to show support and gratitude to the Internal Quality Audit Team.
With the goal of NCMH to be certified to ISO 9001:2015, this is just one of the trainings organized by the center to prepare the entire organization in its transition to adopt the new standard.